Cultivating Culture, Driving Growth

We work with executive teams and leaders to align their corporate culture with their strategy and business capabilities.

Through the Performance Harmony process, we provide a deep understanding of your current work environment, assess your goals, develop a roadmap for change, and provide a language and framework to incorporate these changes into existing structures.

The Performance Harmony Approach graphic To Achieve Performance Harmony, we use empirical data to align your culture, strategy, and execution for long-term, sustainable change — key to success in today’s market.

The Performance Harmony Approach

Our industry-proven methodologies and advanced assessment capabilities, combined with our hands-on leadership experience, ensure our solutions are pragmatic and actionable: we know what works and what doesn’t.

Performance Harmony uses empirical data to align business culture, strategy, and execution for long-term, sustainable change — key to success in today’s market

To Achieve Performance Harmony, we use empirical data to align your culture, strategy, and execution for long-term, sustainable change — key to success in today’s market.

We work with you and your leadership team to provide a deep understanding of your current work environment, as well as your goals. Then our tailored analysis process takes those insights a step further: we identify actionable steps leaders can take to align the organizational environment with the business strategies, and work alongside you to adapt your existing structure to these changes.

Our approach ensures all aspects of your processes — hiring, recognition, promotions and talent development — facilitate an environment that reinforces desired performance and behavior. By empowering you to see, understand, and change your company’s culture, Performance Harmony ensures you have the information, tools, and training for long-term sustainability.

Our specialized process cultivates adaptability in the face of change. Even without major changes on the horizon, leaders benefit from a deeper understanding of how their people and their strategy work together.


Our team is with you throughout the Performance Harmony Process — ensuring your blueprint reflects your unique business goals and needs.

Step 1:


We begin our process with personalized discovery meetings and observations, determining what differentiates you from your competition. We hone in on your specific goals, pressures, business strategies, and organizational history to ensure our approach is tailored to your needs.

Step 2:


Based on our discovery findings, we determine the best evaluation strategy for your organization. The Performance Harmony assessments reveal your current and desired organizational culture, alongside your individual and team talent profiles. These are key tools in understanding how you think and behave, your strengths and blind spots, and how these fit within the greater company environment.

Performance Harmony uses our assessments and framework to implement a shared language, ensuring clear understanding and communication — a key step in ensuring you can align your people with your strategy, and turn that into a competitive edge.

Step 3:


We interpret your assessment results using our experience and insights. Our analysis shows how the current work environment aligns with your business strategies, and highlights the differences between actual and perceived culture.

Step 4:


Through workshops, we develop a broad, consensual vision of the current and future work environments, desired changes, and critical preservation points. By building advance consensus within leadership and identifying desired constants, our team ensures you take measured control of your culture change process.

Step 5:


The Performance Harmony team guides leadership to design an effective, actionable plan for long-term, sustainable change. Through a series of tailored workshops, leaders determine their desired norms, behaviors, and values — and develop a blueprint outlining specific steps they will take to effect change. By embedding these changes in your core processes, we ensure your hiring, recognition, promotions, and talent development promote your desired outcomes.

Step 6:


After blueprint development, Performance Harmony remains engaged through additional observations, follow-up meetings with leadership, and monitoring progress on key metrics. Implementing change takes time, and our team will work with your leadership team to reinforce progress. When needed, we use this time to adjust your blueprint to reflect the day-to-day challenges of changing your business realities.

In addition to our 6-step process, the Performance Harmony team provides coaching, mentoring, HR tooling, and continued engagement to cultivate adaptability and resilience for business leaders.

Performance Harmony helps clients thrive in the midst of the only constant in today’s business environment: change. The key to our success is our focus on culture, strategy, and execution: all three need to be aligned simultaneously for sustained, impactful transformation.


Ignite passion and purpose within your organization.

See how Achieving Performance Harmony can help you maximize your most valuable asset: your people.


High-performing employees are a differentiator in today’s market, and a healthy, fully-aligned culture is the ultimate competitive edge. While today’s leaders know the importance of culture, many find it difficult to change — or even see.

A healthy, fully-aligned business culture is the ultimate competitive edge.

Having the power to respond to your company culture is just as important as a strong business strategy, because they both impact your bottom line.

Culture alignment is a strategic business choice.

  • By aligning your strategy and execution, you ensure the environment actively supports your company’s purpose.
  • Organizations that embrace and engage with their culture gain a competitive advantage.
  • A healthy, high-performance environment cultivates passionate employees who exceed performance standards.
  • Strong, aligned culture promotes employee retention and engagement.

Performance Harmony empowers leaders to understand and manage their organization’s culture — a critical first step in initiating change, and a crucial skill for leaders working to achieve strategic outcomes.


Empower your team with meaningful performance metrics.

Learn more about how Performance Harmony’s process equips you to change and manage your organizational culture.


People thrive when they can use their talents. Successful leaders know the value of an engaged workforce: employees are happier, more effective, more productive, and more passionate.

Knowing your people — and yourself — gives you a competitive edge as a leader. By putting your people in situations where they can best use their skills, you increase organizational effectiveness, and create value for clients and employees alike.

Knowing your people — and yourself — gives you a competitive edge as a leader. By putting your people in situations where they can best use their skills, you increase organizational effectiveness, and create value for clients and employees alike.

Performance Harmony’s process provides the language to communicate about desired culture and valued behavior. Our specialized assessments deliver a shared vocabulary, providing a common tool to set expectations and promote understanding and adoption.

We provide the framework to embed this language into your core processes for hiring, promotions, recognition, and talent development — a necessary step for sustained, impactful change.

Achieving Performance Harmony isn’t just about the framework and process — it’s also about leadership. Aligning culture and strategy requires a top-down approach.

To ensure our process creates value, Performance Harmony works with senior leadership to create an understanding of the relationship among culture, strategy, and achievement of the company goals. Connecting culture to your strategic direction is a critical link in maximizing return on investment.


Guide sustained, impactful organizational change.

Learn how Performance Harmony can partner with your leadership team to create sustained organizational change.


Aligning your corporate culture, structure, and talent with your business strategy is a challenging, complicated, and required for growth in today’s dynamic business environment.

The Performance Harmony Process combines industry-proven methodologies with our team’s hands-on leadership skills. With over 50 years of combined business experience, our approach and results set us apart.

Performance Harmony uses industry-proven methodologies and advanced assessments to reveal your individual and team talent profiles — how you think and behave, your strengths and blind spots, and how these fit within your current work environment.

We’ve been where you are

The Performance Harmony team has witnessed the trans-formative power of culture — both the turmoil caused by the absence of aligned culture, as well as the influence culture has on achieving business strategies, solving business problems, and engaging employees.

Our experience directly impacts our perspectives, and enables us to work hand-in-hand with our clients to implement positive, lasting change.

We know what works

We set you up for success — and we aren’t afraid to tell you if you’re headed the wrong direction. Our hands-on leadership experience means we’re going to deliver tangible, actionable plans that work.

We understand your business challenges, because we’ve been dealing with them for nearly three decades. Our hands-on background means we can achieve high-impact, sustainable business results.

We’re a team, not a firm

Our solution isn’t pre-packaged. We take a tailored and personal approach with every client. Flexibility and responsiveness are cornerstones of Performance Harmony’s approach.

Our team works across the enterprise, offering business-oriented and data-driven solutions to drive your organization’s transformation agenda.

We understand the stakes

Aligning culture is a business imperative, and has a substantial, meaningful impact on the bottom line. It demands the same time, rigor, and attention as any business initiative. The investment is big, but so is the payoff.

Strategic shifts — such as new products and services, changing workforce, market expansion, evolving growth strategies, innovative technology, new leadership, competition or mergers and acquisitions, — all impact your most valuable asset: your people. Performance Harmony aligns your organization, preparing you for the critical changes required for success.


Unlock your organization’s high-performing potential.

Learn how Performance Harmony can help you take on the challenges of today’s dynamic business environment.